Referral Process

Referral Process

The referral process is as follows:

  • School may speak to their Educational Psychologist and also Karen Sherwin from the AIP prior to making referral

  • School requests a referral form from Reach Primary Learning Centre

  • School Completes the referral form and sends a fully completed copy to Reach Primary Learning Centre

The referral is then discussed at the next Panel meeting. The Panel is made up of a group of headteachers from the south AIP and a representative from the AIP. If the pupil gets a place at Reach, a contract meeting is arranged with a representative from the referring school (headteacher if they have not visited within the last six months), pupil and their parents/carers. The pupil is then given a start date, the referring school and parents are given a timetable with progress, exit meeting and integration dates. If a child receives an EHCP whilst at Reach, integration back to mainstream will still be tried.

If the pupil doesn’t get a place, recommendations are put in place as to what the school needs to do next.