Coral Reef

Coral Reef

Coral Reef are a Key Stage 1 and lower Key stage 2 class taught by Miss Kendrew , Miss Smith and the team.

Autumn 2 - Coral Reef

Our Local Area


We will start the half term by learning about our physical health and well being and ways to take care of it. We will also learn about online safety so that pupils are equipped to use technology appropriately. In Coral Reef we will also be focussing on our emotional literacy skills and will be developing our self regulation, social and empathy skills.


In English we will be looking at character descriptions which will enable us to get creative and develop our vocabulary. We will be reading and listening to a range of narratives with a focus on adventurous stories. Pupils will be encouraged to develop these skills in our areas of provision throughout the day as well as during English lesson time. Pupils will read daily either in groups or 1:1 and will take part in phonics lessons. You can support your child at home by listening to the Jolly phonics song online and watching alpha blocks on BBC iplayer.

For our non fiction topic we will be following, ordering and writing instructions. Pupils will be using time connectives to give and follow instructions.


In maths this half term we will be continuing to learn about numbers and their value. We will learn about numbers to 10, 20 and then beyond and solve addition and subtraction problems using these. We will also learn about money and the value of each coin and note. Pupils will learn how to recognise and name coins and notes and then learn how to count, add and subtract amounts.


In science this half term we will be learning about the properties of everyday materials. We will begin by identifying, naming, comparing and grouping different materials. We will focus on identifying changes in materials and complete an investigation of our own.


During geography this half term, we will be learning all about our local area. We will be able to talk about our school, our home and the different aspects of the area around us.


This half term in RE we will be learning about the best ways to show commitment and how different religions promote this. We will focus directly on Christianity and Islam.