Starfish Class

Starfish are a Key Stage 2 class taught by Miss Smith and the team.

Half termly updates!

Summer one will see Starfish and Jellyfish Class learning together.

Our class team will be Miss Smith (class teacher) Mr Adumetey, Miss Melia and Miss Anderson (Behaviour and Learning Support) and Miss Kendrew (Higher Level Teaching Assistant). Please take a look at the learning that we will be engaging in.

In English the pupils will be looking at and creating their own adventure stories. Pupils will explore settings and characters to enable them to plan their own ideas. Our nonfiction focus will be persuasive writing. Pupils will write letters of persuasion about a topic that interests them. This is something that you could start talking to your child about now to get those creative juices flowing! We shall also celebrate poetry by reading and reciting traditional poems. Pupils will then use these well known poems to create their own. I am hoping that our pupils will volunteer to celebrate these in our whole school assembly on Fridays.

Our class will continue to practice and learn phonics and spellings daily, to improve our reading and writing skills. Please remember that your child is welcome to take a book home from school to practice their reading skills with you or by themselves. Pupils are also encouraged to bring in any reading material that they are enjoying at home. Remember that you can read instructions for games, magazines, comics and other things!

In maths we will be learning about shape, fractions and statistics. The year 5 and 6 pupils will also learn about volume and converting units. All pupils will practice these skills in a variety of ways with an emphasis on problem solving. Problem solving skills enable pupils to think deeper about their learning and provide them with opportunities to explore reasoning skills. Please remember that you can encourage your child by asking them to practice their tables at home.You can also support your child by using TTRockstars which is an online game, if this is available to them.

In PSHE our pupils will be learning about relationships and the importance of forming and maintaining positive ones. We shall also learn about bullying, what it is and how to prevent it. Identity, society and equality: Celebrating difference (including racism) and online safety.

Our topic is Blitz and Pieces. Throughout this topic children will learn about World War II. Pupils will learn when the war started and the countries that were involved. They will also learn about key individuals who were involved. Pupils will be taught about key events and will be able to describe what evacuation and rationing were, as well as being able to explain how they worked and how different people were affected by this. They will learn to describe some of the jobs women did during the war as well as being able to describe what the Holocaust was and who suffered as a result.