Assessment at Reach is based around the national curriculum objectives on Target Tracker. We use these for English and Maths.  All other subject areas are assessed using 'I know' statements. 



Reach currently uses the Local Authority moderation model to assess pupils against their peers. and national guidance. This type of moderation ensures that judgement are comparable with national examples and levels. Please see moderation report below for more information. 

Website Report From L.A - Moderation

Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs)

If attending Reach whilst  national SATs  are taking place, pupils in year 2 and 6 will sit their SATS at Reach. This is organised with their referring school and their results are shared with both schools.  Phonics testing for year 1 and retakes for year 2 pupils  also take place.

SATs data and national test results are not on our website.  As we are a small  school it would be possible to clearly identify individual pupil's results. For national test results please contact the office or headteacher.