Seahorses are a lower Key Stage 2 class taught by Miss Hartley and the team.

Summer 1

History - Shang Dynasty


We will begin our PSHE lessons by focusing on relationships and say no to bullying. We will explore how bullying affects others and how to help someone who is being bullied. After this, we will then move onto awareness of forced marriages. We will explore what a forced marriage is and understand what help is available. We will then move on to identity, society, equality and democracy (human rights). We will start by understanding what a refugee is and what it means to be homeless. We will also discuss wants and needs and the difference. Finally, we will move on to online safety, with a focus on stereotypes. Alongside this we will have one emotional literacy lesson per week focusing on skills such as motivation, empathy, self awareness, self regulation and social skills.


The focus at the beginning of this half term will be persuasive writing, linked to our topic ‘The Shang Dynasty’ and our shared text Ninja. Following this we will then move on to looking at stories with humour where we will get our inspiration from our shared text ‘POP’ by author Mitch Johnstone. Finally, we will concentrate on nonsense poetry resulting in performing our very own poems. Seahorses and Jellyfish will continue to practice and learn phonics and spellings daily, to improve our reading and writing skills. Guided reading lessons will also continue to take place daily to promote our love of reading and to develop our understanding of different text types.


At the beginning of the half term in maths we will be focusing on the properties of shape , turns and angles. We will complete problem solving and reasoning activities based on this. We will then be moving onto fractions. Alongside this, we will continue to regularly practice our times tables.


In science this half term we will be learning about the Earth and Space. We will begin learning about the planets in the solar system. We will then explore the movement of the planets and create our very own solar system model.


During history this half term, we will be focusing on the shang dynasty. We will begin by understanding what the shang dynasty is. We will then explore the different traditions and focus on the shang army.


This half term in RE, we will be answering the key question: how do Jews remember the kings and prophets in worship and life? We will be considering the religion Judaism and focusing on important people within the religion such as Abraham and Moses.

Alongside all of this brilliant learning we will also be developing our skills through art, DT, PE, food technology and computing. For more information please see the long term plan (LTP) and twitter for daily updates.