Seahorses are a year  4, 5and 6 class taught by Mrs Patel and the team.

Summer 1 - Coral Reef


This half term we will begin by learning about our own health. We will focus learning around physical and emotional health and well being. 

We will also cover the topic of ‘Me and others - Peer pressure’ where pupils will learn about how to make informed choices for themselves and how this in turn will impact them.

Finally we will learn about online safety, this topic will enable pupils to understand what they need to keep private online and what it is safe to share. 


For Narrative,  we will be learning how to write an alternative ending and be looking at the book ‘Jack and the beanstalk’. Pupils will learn how to write descriptions of characters, sequence stories, talk about predictions in stories and create alternative endings. Pupils will also have opportunities to act out parts of the story in role. We will also spend some time looking at a variety of different poems and repeated rhymes.


In maths this half term we will be learning and consolidating the different methods to add and subtract numbers. Some pupils will learn numbers to 20 and use objects to support them. Other pupils will be learning to use number lines and other formal written methods such as partitioning and column methods. Pupils will also learn about shape, position and direction and problem solving. 


In science this half term we will be learning about plants. We look at the parts of plants, how they grow and learn about how seeds and bulbs germinate. We will see how the grow, name them and describe them.


In RE we will be learning how and why do we care for others? We will be focussing on Christianity and Islam.

Alongside all of this brilliant learning we will also be developing our skills through art, DT, PE, food technology and computing. For more information please see the long-term plan (LTP) and twitter for daily updates.