Seahorses are a lower Key Stage 2 class taught by Miss Hartley and the team.

Half termly updates!

Summer 1 - Seahorses

Famous people (Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale)


We will begin our PSHE lessons by focusing on celebrating our differences including racism. We will learn to value the similarities and differences of ourselves and others and the impact of racism. We will also be tieing this into British values and looking at the community, how laws are made and the benefits of living in Britain. We will then move onto looking at relationships and bullying. We will focus on discrimination and how this can make people feel linking back to racism. Finally, we will move on to online safety helping us understand how to stay safe online. Alongside this we will have one emotional literacy lesson per week focusing on skills such as motivation, empathy, self awareness, self regulation and social skills.


During our English lessons we will begin by reading our shared text ‘Hansel and Gretel’. This will be the stimulus for most of our writing. We will start of by studying the features and structure of fairy tales. We will then write an alternative ending for the story being as creative as possible. We will then have a focus on poetry resulting in us writing our very own structured poem. After this, we will write a persuasive letter asking Mrs Saville to cook so that we can host a cafe morning for parents. We will then create a menu looking at the different purposes of writing. Finally, we will create a fact file all about Mary Seacole or Florence Nightingale using the information that we have learnt in our history lessons.


At the beginning of the half term in maths we will be concentrating on position and direction. We will be describing different movements and turns, plotting movements and turns on a graph and creating different patterns with shapes. We will also be looking at properties of shapes; this involves recognising 2D and 3D shapes, looking at lines of symmetry and using mathematical vocabulary such as vertices, edges etc,. Finally, we will be applying all of the knowledge we have learnt to solve problems.


In science this half term we will be learning about plants. We will begin by discussing what we already know about different plants. We will then describe the process of how seeds grow into plants. After that, we will look at the scientific names for different parts of a plant and look at how plants change throughout the seasons linking back to last half term.


During history this half term, we will be focusing on famous people, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. We will begin by using a range of sources such as books and the internet to help us research about the past. We will be learning all about Florence and Mary’s lives and concentrating on how they helped others which links well with our RE topic. Finally, we will compare both looking at the similarities and differences.


This half term in RE, we are focusing on Christianity and Islam answering the question how and why do we care for others? We will be exploring two faith stories, one from Islam and one from Christianity and then comparing them. We will focus on the message from the stories and how we can care for other people.

Alongside all of this brilliant learning we will also be developing our skills through art, DT, PE, food technology and computing. For more information please see the long term plan (LTP) and twitter for daily updates.