Jellyfish are taught by Mrs d'Avoine and the team! Miss Wright is currently on maternity leave.

Summer 1 - Jellyfish


We will begin our PSHE lessons by learning about different careers, financial capabilities and economic well being. We will be discussing borrowing and earning money.We will also ensure all children learn how to stay safe in the water and this will also be developed on our trip to Filey. Finally, we will look at online safety and the effects of cyberbullying. Alongside this we will have one emotional literacy lesson per week focusing on skills such as motivation, empathy, self awareness, self regulation and social skills.


To start with, we will concentrate on SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammer) and the different sentence types we use within school. We are starting our new phonics scheme - Little Wandle for any pupils who still need to access phonics learning. We will be learning how to write an alternate ending to a story and read non fiction texts. We are also going to learn Haiku poems based around the seaside.


At the beginning of the half term in maths we will be focusing on time. We will try to tell the time to the nearest minute. After this, we will move on to decimals including money, where we will recognise and convert between fractions and decimals. We will also be learning about position and direction. Alongside this, we will continue to regularly practise our times tables.


In science this half term we will be learning about living things and their habitat. We will begin by looking at the environmental change and how this can affect living things. We will also learn about the impact of the changing environments.


During geography this half term, we will be focusing on Our world matters. We will begin by looking at different climate zones and biomes. We will compare the Amazon Rainforest to our local climate..


This half term in RE, we will be answering the key question: How does growing up bring responsibilities?? We will be considering which events are important to us. We will then study an event in Islam, Sikhism and Christianity.

Alongside all of this brilliant learning we will also be developing our skills through art, DT, PE, food technology and computing. For more information please see the long term plan (LTP) and twitter for daily updates.