Welcome to Reach Primary Learning Centre

Reach Primary Learning Centre is a thirty four place provision for pupils aged between five and eleven years old (year 1 to year 6) who are at risk of suspension or permanent exclusion from mainstream primary school.  All of the pupils referred have mild to moderate Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. Thirty places are available for pupils from the South AIP. Four places are for pupils from other areas of the city and these are referred from the SEMH panel.  

Pupils will spend 4 days at Reach every week, Monday-Thursday and each Friday in their mainstream school, with support from Reach staff. Relationships are key and we work closely with pupils, their families, referring schools and outside agencies and professionals. We all work together to identify a pupil's needs and in developing approaches to support them  in returning to their referring mainstream school or if a parent requests it a new mainstream school.  It is up to referring schools to organise managed moves into new schools. The integration process into mainstream usually takes three weeks. 

For some pupils a specialist setting may be more appropriate. If this is required, the referring school will apply for an Education, Health and Care Plan.  This process takes twenty weeks. Once a final EHCP is in place, we support the pupil with their transition into their named school. 

On average the pupil is at the Centre for a total of twelve weeks, however this can be shortened or extended depending on the needs of the pupil.  

Mrs Quinn’s welcome

Welcome to Reach Primary Learning Centre.  

Everybody is included at Reach and we work together to provide a broad, balanced, sequenced curriculum that supports all.  We believe that learning should be engaging and purposeful and we strive to equip our children with future life skills.   Every child is valued and deserves the best possible chance to succeed in a happy, positive learning environment. We enjoy celebrating our achievements and these can be viewed on our website and also on our Twitter account @reachprimary

Please do get in touch if you would like any further information.  Our children and staff warmly welcome visitors and will proudly show you round!

Kind regards

Mrs A. Quinn

Head of Centre





We work closely with pupils, their families, referring schools and outside agencies to identify the needs of each individual child.

We encourage our pupils to respect differences in racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. We provide clear and consistent expectations for the pupils and work with them to manage their behaviour within these boundaries. 

 The curriculum is personalised for every pupil and we want all children to enjoy learning in all lessons and make the best possible progress.  We aim to influence their future decision making by affecting a change in both their cognitive, emotional and behavioural responses, and use this success to encourage them to make positive choices.  


Reach Primary Learning Centre in line with Leeds City Council is committed to eliminating

Reach gives pupils places and employs a staff of all races, abilities, sexes, ages, religions or beliefs, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity and gender reassignments.

Our values at Reach are Include, Engage and Celebrate!

    Our current equality objectives are: 

 Reach Primary Learning Centre has adopted Cockburn Equality and diversity policy which can be found in the policy page on the website